What is Senehasa Association?

Senehasa Association is a small voluntary association with charitable aims, determined to make a real difference at community level in Sri Lanka. We have been carrying out charitable projects in Sri Lanka for over 10 years before the Tsunami on 26 December 2004. Since then, our work in Sri Lanka has been stepped up significantly. We worked closely with Senahasa Trust, a small UK charity for 14 years. Senahasa Trust has now been dissolved and all our projects are being run by Senehasa Association in Sri Lanka. Senehasa Association shares the same mission as Senahasa Trust.

Where is our focus?

Our focus is on the Galle District and the Hambantota District in SW Sri Lanka. We are also involved in some non-Tsunami projects in the Ampara District in SE Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Working closely with local communities, Senehasa Association aims to provide:

  • Homes

  • Education

  • Employment opportunities

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Improved access to water

Helping local communities in Sri Lanka get back on their feet and become self-sufficient again.

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All funds raised go directly to the projects as administrative costs are borne by the members of the Association.